[WELTRAUM II] Albania’s Bunkers

During the communist regime between 1945 and 1991 was Albania in a complete isolation. A huge part of the state funds was redirected to the defense and therefore to an incredible amount of weapons stored in freshly built bunkers. Coexistence with the latter is discussed today by Elian Stefa and his project Concrete Mushrooms, where he reveals the reasons for building more than hundreds of thousand of bunkers across Albania. With the ARTiLERIA project, Elian presents the possibility of awakening the only and completely deserted island of Sazan, which is 17 km away from the city of Vlora. Due to its strategic position, the island was completely inaccessible to citizens, inhabited by 3,000 soldiers and their families. With the fall of the communist regime in 1991, the island became completely uninhabited, with dozens of abandoned buildings, miles of underground tunnels and thousands of concrete bunkers. Elian explores how the decolonization of military infrastructure can establish a dialogue between different cultures.

[WELTRAUM] is an independent radio show curated by Boštjan Bugarič and broadcasted via NORadio