[WELTRAUM VI] Of The Soil And The Water

Marjetica Potrč is an artist and architect based in Ljubljana. Her work focuses on resilient habitat in spaces of across world-wide geography. She has worked in informal cites that arise as a result of the overflowing growth of the great urban centers. In this sense, her work offers a record of projects that aim to give testimony of comunity-based solutions in organization and managment of contemporary city. On thursday’s Weltraum she will discuss water infrastructure in Caracas informal city and in two public art projects in London and near Essen. Kings Cross pond in London is situated at one of the most urbanized spaces in the world, where a hyper production of real estate is running on full speed. How can a pond facilitate resilience in such an environment? “The project reframed what the value of the land in this particular size is not real estate, but it is the value of the soil and the water, two essential and not renewable resources,” says Marjetica.

[WELTRAUM] is an independent radio show curated by Boštjan Bugarič and broadcasted via NORadio

Photo © John Sturrock